The New Order

It was a long time coming; 140 years, in fact.When Republicans seized control of both chambers of North Carolina’s General Assembly, in 2010, for the
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Instruction Under Surveillance

One minute the class looked like any online session, neat boxes framing the faces of students and their professor.The next, some of those faces disappeared,
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Pandemic Judgment

There’s Father Jenkins, seated in a shoulder-to-shoulder crowd in the White House Rose Garden.There’s Father Jenkins, shaking someone’s hand.There’s Father Jenkins, alongside the Rev. Franklin
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The New Rules of Engagement

Jessica Su got her first taste of how challenging it can be to teach online when Covid-19 hit in the spring. The sociologist videotaped lectures
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Death of a President

The new president’s Jeep Cherokee, with its out-of-state tags, wasn’t in its usual campus parking spot. It took Kengie Bass several days to notice. At
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