How to Skip the PUBG Tutorial

How to Skip the PUBG Tutorial

If you’ve ever wondered if you can skip the PUBG tutorial, you’re not alone. Many people have skipped the tutorial on purpose or accidentally. The best way to skip it is to create a new account and play through the tutorial already. Alternatively, you can skip the tutorial using third-party programs. Here are a few of these:

Can you skip PUBG tutorial

There are two ways to skip the PUBG tutorial: one is to buy a new account that already has the game’s tutorial played through. The other is to use third-party programs to skip it. Whether you skip it by accident or on purpose, the tutorial is important to ensure you are as proficient as possible in the game. However, the best option is to go through the tutorial at least once. Luckily, there are a few ways to skip it without missing any key moments.

To skip the PUBG tutorial, you must complete the underlying mode. This mode requires players to complete at least 10 AI Training Matches. You should also go through 4 AI Training Drills. Unlike the tutorial, these AI Training Drills only take a few minutes and do not require long-term interaction. This tutorial also requires you to unlock the “Hacker Mode”, which can help you build your team faster.

Is there a way to speed up PUBG tutorial

You might be wondering how to skip PUBG’s tutorial. As a free-to-play game, the game requires you to complete 10 matches against AI opponents. Despite the game’s popularity, most players already know the basics. But if you’re determined to skip the tutorial, there are some simple methods to expedite the learning process. If you have a limited time, try playing the tutorial missions with AI opponents instead.

PUBG’s tutorial consists of three parts. The first explains how to move in the game. The second teaches you how to use your weapons. The third tutorial teaches you how to use the ADS, which is available on most consoles. If you can’t use ADS, press ADS twice and shoot at a target 10 times. Once you’re done shooting at a target, you can move to the next area.

Is there a way to skip PUBG AI training

It may seem impossible to skip PUBG AI training. The tutorial requires you to complete the underlying mode, and then you’ll need to complete 10 AI Training Matches and 4 AI Training Drills. However, you can skip this training if you’re good at the game and don’t mind spending a lot of time. The best way to skip the tutorial is to play more than 10 AI Training Matches, as this will give you a feel for the game’s mechanics and the AI.

If you don’t want to do the training, you can always skip the Tutorial Missions. In Tutorial Missions, you need to equip yourself with a First Aid Kit and painkillers. Press F to revive your teammate, or press the designated controller prompt. After you finish these tutorials, you can proceed to the main menu. Skipping the training is an excellent way to improve your game.

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