Shout out to our Southwest Partners Southwest is eternally grateful for the support of our great local partners. We want to take a moment to acknowledge three groups that have been helping us get the word out to teachers in Arizona and Nevada:
The Rodel Foundation of Arizona
The Rodel Charitable Foundation of Arizona works overtime on educational strategies and programs designed to supplement existing curriculum and support teaching, in order to raise student achievement in Arizona’s higher-needs communities. From the Math Achievement Club to teacher and principal mentoring programs, the Rodel Foundation has had a tremendous influence on schools and students in Arizona. We’re thrilled that they are helping to spread the word about in Arizona. For more info on the Rodel Foundation visit:
Arizona Charter Schools Association
Wow! What can we say about ACSA? They have been great about getting the word out to their teachers as well as reaching out to the community to make sure that projects posted by ACSA teachers get funded. We’re happy to support the work of ACSA as they lead the Arizona network of charter school leaders, teachers, administrators, and parents. For more info on ACSA visit:
The Public Education Foundation Teacher Exchange
Over in Nevada, the Teacher EXCHANGE™ is a re-use resource center for Southern Nevada public school teachers. Donations of re-usable and surplus materials, supplies, computers and office equipment are collected from community businesses and individuals, then provided to teachers through their warehouse facility. The generous folks at the Teacher Exchange have been letting Southern Nevada teachers know that if they can’t find everything they need at the warehouse, additional support is available at For more information about the Teacher Exchange, please visit:


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