Pfizer’s Inspiring Science Challenge

Scientists often make the impossible a reality and inspire us through their work. They challenge our thinking and help us understand our environment and each other. Some scientists were born with a natural curiosity, and others had teachers who sparked their interest and helped science come alive for them.
This is why Pfizer, BigThink, and have partnered to promote Pfizer’s Inspiring Science Challenge .
For 10 weeks, beginning June 24th and ending September 1st, website visitors to Big Think will be able to vote for the scientist whose research and enthusiasm inspires them the most. For each vote cast online, Pfizer will donate $1 to science projects posted on the challenge page at
Pfizer is also issuing a challenge to viewers and voters to raise $20,000 in support of the science projects featured on the Inspiring Science Challenge. With your support, science classrooms across the nation will be filled with the resources they need to succeed.
Let’s be inspired to vote and give students across the country the encouragement to pursue achievement in science!


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