Our 7 Favorite Moments from 2017’s #BestSchoolDay Celebration

At 7am last Wednesday, we kicked off a celebration of teachers that—in just 24 hours—would inspire over 20,000 donors to give over $2 million to support 11,000 classrooms. We’re talking, of course, about #BestSchoolDay.
We could write pages and pages about all of the incredible things that happened, but we know you don’t have all day. That’s why we picked out a few of the moments from #BestSchoolDay that gave us the most joy, like when…
The excitement began on #BestSchoolDay Eve

#BestSchoolDay is Back!
Tomorrow, your donations will be matched on EVERY project. #BestSchoolDay is back!
Posted by on Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Our partners made sure every project had a #BestSchoolDay match

Many thanks to our generous #BestSchoolDay funders who are helping inspire support for classrooms across the country!
— DonorsChoose (@DonorsChoose) March 29, 2017

Mr. Avery got some hometown celebrities on board

On it! @mr_avery @mark_wahlberg @StephenAtHome @DonorsChoose
— John Krasinski (@johnkrasinski) March 13, 2016

NBC Boston even did a story to share the news!
Teachers got really, really excited

Funded!! Thank you all who donated and to [email protected] for matching all donations today. #BestSchoolDay ever!! [email protected]
— Shawn Reed (@swkreed) March 30, 2017

This day just keeps getting better! It really is the #BestSchoolDay! I am so grateful for the donors that funded my project❤ @DonorsChoose
— Taylor Oliver (@MissOliver2014) March 30, 2017

We heard your #BestSchoolDay stories on Facebook Live

Live from #BestSchoolDay
Welcome to HQ! We just talked with our team about their #BestSchoolDay stories. Don’t forget, all donations to classroom projects are matched today. Visit to donate now!
Posted by on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You broke all of our records

WOW! We crunched the numbers, & an incredible 20,975 donors joined together to make #BestSchoolDay such an amazing celebration of teachers.
— DonorsChoose (@DonorsChoose) March 31, 2017

The materials started to arrive

WOW! #BestSchoolDay just happened & our #music #books are already here! $2million donated to 11,459 #classrooms! 🤗@DonorsChoose @YNB @tgr 🌟
— Genein Letford (@GeneinLetford) March 31, 2017

@DonorsChoose our first box arrived! Kids were stoked to see the goodies because of generous donors on #BestSchoolDay #4thGradeSOMEthings
— Shannon Szakal (@ShannonSzakal) April 3, 2017

How did you celebrate #BestSchoolDay? Share your story below!


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