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3 Essential Steps to Get Your Project Funded

You know what your students need and you’re determined to bring those resources into your classroom. Sounds like you’re ready to submit a request! But how can you be sure it’ll get funded? Below are the three essential steps to give your request a leg up… before you create your project, while you’re in the process, and after you hit “submit”. 1. Before you post:  Funding is a collaboration between teachers and our team. We raise just over half the funds on our site from our corporate and foundation partners; you let your own network know about your request. Before you create your project,
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5 Ways to Get Funded If You Work in a High Poverty School (and Even If You Don’t)

Guest blogger Michelle Ramos is an elementary teacher in La Mirada, CA. What can you do if you’re a teacher at a school with limited resources, and you can’t ask your students’ parents to support your project? I have some suggestions that have helped get my projects funded and I’m happy to share them with you. Funding Opportunities My first and most important tip is to look and see what funding opportunities are available. Many times, you can qualify for opportunities, such as match offers or full-funding, if your project meets certain requirements. Look at the qualifying criteria closely and
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Beyond the Basics: Unique Ways to Inspire Support for Your Students

Guest blogger Andy Yung is a Pre-K teacher at P.S. 244Q, The Active Learning Elementary School, in Flushing, New York. Visit him on and his own webpage. is an amazing resource for any teacher. I began my journey five years ago when I first started teaching. With 91 projects successfully funded and over $35,000 worth of materials, supplies, and valuable experiences received for my students, I hope to provide you with some unique tips that go beyond the basics when it comes to inspiring other to support your class. Mastering the Basics: A Little Bit of Background
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Your Teacher Page: The Fundraising Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

Katie Vallas is the School & Partnership Engagement Manager at Even though she’s not currently teaching, she couldn’t resist the urge to include her old teacher page link in this bio. (Best practices die hard.) You’re at a conference. Or an Easter picnic. Or you’re making small-talk in the checkout line. Someone is showing interest in what you do: “Your third-graders are coding? That’s incredible.” “I was in the high school orchestra, too. I just loved it!” And then they ask the five words that every teacher wants to hear: “How can I support you?” The answer lies in your shiny
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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media (for Teachers)

Social media is a many-headed beast. Though the sheer amount of noise on social can make it difficult to navigate, it also affords great advantages and advice when you need a hand. Here are a few ways to use social media efficiently and effectively. Leverage that beast! Connect with other teachers Social media is a great place to get classroom and project ideas. “On Facebook, we will usually just exchange ideas like, ‘Have you tried this?’ or, ‘I have this student that has this particular difficulty,’ and then people will share resources that they’re trying with own students,” explains teacher Rosey Hernandez.
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5 Essential Moments to Post About Your Project on Facebook

Did you know that in the last school year, teachers raised over $15.7 million for their classrooms using Facebook? As the Social Media Manager for, I think a lot about the best ways for teachers to use social media to share their classroom story with the world and bring in donations. Compared to Twitter or Instagram, there’s no competition: Facebook is by far the most effective social platform for teacher fundraising. We’ve put together a list of the five key moments in the life of a project that you can shout out on Facebook to help reach
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Our Top Teacher Fundraising Tips to Make the Most of #GivingTuesday

Teachers, #GivingTuesday is coming soon! Are you excited for 11/27 yet? We sure are. Our #GivingTuesday GIVEaway will be in full swing, and we’re getting ready to rally our community behind your projects. Across the country, people will be primed to give, and we want to make sure they’re thinking of your classroom. To help you make the most of #GivingTuesday, the Teacher Success team (including yours truly!) made a video compilation of our top fundraising tips. They include everything we’ve learned from teachers over the past 18 years about how to get a project funded. Enjoy!
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The Gates Foundation to Boost Every Donation Made on

Update 8/14/19: Funds for the boost have been fully spent out, but there are still plenty of teachers who need your support!  Back-to-school season just got even better! On August 13th, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and are teaming up to give teachers and students a major back-to-school boost! For one day only, all donations to classroom projects will receive a 50% boost. (For example, a $20 donation will become a $30 donation, a $100 donation will become a $150 donation, and so on.) This is great news not just for our deserving teachers, but also everyone looking
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#WelcomeWeek: You Did It!

From August 18th through the 24th, we welcomed over 9,000 new teachers to our community for #WelcomeWeek! During this week, active teachers got the chance to earn $25 for each new teacher they referred, and teachers posting their first project received a $50 welcome donation.  Thank you to the teachers who rallied and trained their colleagues, introducing them to a new way to support their classroom needs. Check out these innovative projects created by new teachers and get inspired by their amazing ideas: Ms. Liz is starting a woodworking club for her middle schoolers, and mentioned, “It is
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Email Fundraising: Your Ultimate Guide

Photo: Katie VallasEmail is the #1 most effective tool you can use to fund your DonorsChoose request. Asking for donations from the people you know can seem daunting at first, so we’ve broken the process down into six easy steps. Here’s all the information you need to advocate for your students and reach your project goal. 1. Brainstorm your list. Decide who to email by answering these three questions:           Who cares about me? Make a list of the friends and family members who would be curious about the awesome stuff you’re doing in your classroom. Your
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