6 Ways to Make the Most Impact with Your Giving

Every day, DonorsChoose makes it possible for you to look inside a classroom and give a teacher what they need to make their dreams come true.  When we asked classroom supporters their tips and tricks for giving smarter, a few clear themes emerged. These are just a few tools to inspire your giving, helping you be more strategic about your impact on teachers and how to use our site tools to make it happen. 1. Make your donation go farther with a match Did you know, we often team up with partners to help fund a teacher’s next project? When
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Supporting Strangers: Which State Gives the Most to Your State?

This post was published in July 2018 and was updated in February 2020. More than half of the donations on DonorsChoose come from a supporter who’s never met the teacher they’re giving to. For teachers, the magic of knowing someone you’ve never met supports you, your classroom, and your students is priceless.  DonorsChoose allows me as an educator to connect with people across the country who understand the importance of these materials and generously fund projects to obtain them. There is a sense of community and endless support from donors. It makes me feel valued as an educator. Mrs. Rodriguez-Calzada,
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10 Classics that Kids Still Love to Read

This post was published in October 2017 and was updated in February 2020. What was the first book that changed how you see the world? Of the millions of books requested by teachers on DonorsChoose over the last twenty years, these ten stand out for their impact on countless childhoods. And when teachers use them in the classroom, kids are still thrilled. To create this list, we looked at the books that teachers have requested for their students most frequently and got the teacher skinny on what they consider “classics”. “ been amazing to see how excited they get about
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