What makes donating to DonorsChoose so special

Donors, without your generosity, we wouldn’t be able to deliver millions of resources every year to classrooms across the nation. In 2019 so far, you helped fund 253,767 projects, helping millions of students. As teachers celebrated, their students unleashed their creativity, creating thank-you notes for the supporters who believed in them. This year, donors received over 129,000 thank-you notes from inspired, grateful children!

In the words of Jennifer Mao, who runs the volunteer program at DonorsChoose: “In this digital age, old-fashioned handwritten student thank-yous are still woven into the DNA of our site.” 

These thank-you notes connect supporters and teachers and students — and show the deeply personal impact each donation has on a child. We know that we could never express this gratitude more eloquently than students themselves! 

Here are some of our favorite notes from 2019.

1. What’s better than learning? BOUNCING while learning!

2. Hunter’s drawing skills show one donor’s gift in action

3. Donors, you ROCK!

4. You made learning fun for (blooming artist!) Valerie 

5. It might be cold now, but this was a seriously refreshing note back in the summer 

6. This teacher couldn’t help but get in on the thank-you note action  

7. Rut is over the rainbow for his class’ new books

8. Kiyla is ready to jam

9. These students sent a batch of Harry Potter-themed thank you notes… but this book monster ate them! 

10. Roses are red, violets are blue (and Forsythias are yellow), this thank you letter is for all supporters — including you!


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