Teachers: Here Are 4 Ways to Help Others Get Started on

How did you first hear about Sometimes it’s through a friend, family member, social media post, or news story. More often than not though, teachers hear about through a colleague who has used it to get what they need for their students.
Here are four ways to share your expertise:
Just mention it. Nothing beats an old-school, in-person interaction with a colleague. If you want to give them some information to look over later, you can print and share this outreach flier.
Social media & email. This week, there are three key links you can share on social media and in any emails you’d like to send. First, there’s the teacher sign-up page. Then, there’s the blog post containing the full Welcome Week lowdown. Third, this recent Facebook Live Event details how to submit a successful first project. And that fourth link? Your own teacher page of course! Your classroom projects are the heartbeat of the site.
Run a training. Teachers across the country are running trainings this week. Here’s the slide deck you can use if you’re so inclined. It provides an overview of our organization and a step-by-step look at project submission. Feel free to edit and make it your own.
Share your story: Take a moment this week to share your story on social media. Tell your community about the resources you’ve received and the impact they had on your classroom. Share a photo… or two!
For more about spreading the word, please visit our help center. To chat with other teachers who are giving fellow educators a hand with their first project, join the Teacher Facebook Community.

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