Teacher Tip #1: No digital camera? No problem!

We announced last month that classroom photos would be 100% digital on our website in the 2009-2010 school year.  This post is tip #1 of 3 to help teachers navigate the process of submitting classroom photos digitally.
A: No digital camera? No problem! Here are some suggestions for ways you can get digital photos of your project in action so you can upload them to our website.
(TEACHERS: Feel free to comment on this post with other suggestions that you might have for your fellow teachers.)

Maybe a friend has a camera that you could borrow. Or what about another teacher in your school (e.g. a media center or photography teacher)?

Concerned about carrying around a digital camera or keeping expensive technology in your classroom? Check out these inexpensive disposable digital cameras! For about $25, you can get a light, compact digital camera attached to a keychain.

If you’re more comfortable using a non-digital camera, you could have the photo developer put the images on a CD, then upload photos directly from this CD. Most photo developers, including Walgreens and CVS, can put photos on a CD for you instead of printing them out.  Here are some inexpensive disposable cameras that will do the trick:

Is there a library or shop – such as Kinkos – nearby where you could scan photos? You could develop non-digital classroom photos, scan them onto a computer, and upload them to our site!

If you decide to purchase a digital camera yourself or for several teachers to share, here are our top picks for budget digital cameras:

Stay tuned for Tip #2…Photos: What’s Hot, What’s Not!


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