Support just by sending an email! and are partnering to help drive donations and awareness for educational resources. replyforall is a new, meaningful online product to support a cause of your choice using your email signature. With each email message sent, replyforall showcases the cause you support and the brand advertiser sponsoring the signature. replyforall is featuring under the “Educational Resources” category.
A few key points:• Each signature showcases your commitment to provide educational resources, support of, and an advertiser sponsoring the signature.• replyforall shares the sponsor revenue with, so that you can personally drive financial support to without having to donate cash.• The more of us who use the signature, the more our sponsors pay, and the more receives.
How does it work?Simply go to When you register, select “Provide Educational Resources” as your cause. The signature is customized to your preferences. By adding the email signature your support will enable us to make a difference in providing access to education resources for everyone.
You can also join as a “fan” on replyforall’s Facebook page.


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