Spring Internships

“Interning at has been a life-changing experience.  I have never met a more intelligent, innovative, devoted, and fun group of people.  I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of countless public school students!”- Jade, Elmira College

“During my internship at, I experienced the rare combination of learning practical new skills, conducting meaningful work, and having a blast!” – Clare, Harvard University

This was an awesome and rewarding internship experience … Thank you for proving that the real world is not a scary place and it is possible to love your job (as a rising college senior, these are legitimate fears of mine).” –Dana, University of Maryland

The Program:
The mission of our internship program is to provide college students with exposure to and work experience in the nonprofit sector.  Because is still a relatively new organization, interns have the unique opportunity to contribute to its growth and scalability.  Depending on the needs of the organization and the particular skills and interests of the student, this spring intern may have the opportunity to work in the Operations or Marketing teams. We can offer course credit.
Possible projects:
Drafting award entries for, our Founder and CEO, and other staff members (like this recent one)
Cultivating our mobilization marketing participants in the “off time” between campaigns (Mustaches for Kids, Science Bloggers, Adam Lambert fans)
Helping to manage Facebook and Twitter posts; creating lists of our followers with the most “influence” on Twitter, etc.
Making suggestions to improve functionality of custom-made back-end website technology and efficiency of current policies and procedures
Developing materials to pitch and score revenue-generating business partnerships and compiling reports of campaign results for current business partners
Researching Companies the team may identify as potential vendor partners
Data collection and analysis regarding materials inquiries from teachers and project submissions for items not offered by partner vendors
Answering teachers’ inquiries and performing other customer service functions
Check out some blog posts where interns describe their experiences in their own words:
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Who We’re Looking For:

We are seeking civic-minded students with an interest in education and nonprofits to join our team for a semester, the year or a summer.  Semesterly and yearly interns are expected to work at least 10 hours per week, and summer interns work at least 20 hours per week, but we welcome full time interns.
Interns should:
Be detail-oriented and organized
Be innovative, entrepreneurial and think outside the box
Be able to work independently and take initiative
Have strong writing, analytical and computer skills, with proficiency in Excel
Have great communication skills
Have a sense of humor 🙂
How to Apply:
Please submit a cover letter, resume and two references to [email protected] In your email please specify when you would be able to work (for a semester, for a year or for the summer) and include your departmental preference, though we will also use your experience and skills to determine the best placement.


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