RBC Blue Water Project to put $100,000 towards classroom projects to teach about water stewardship and clean water!

This year, RBC Blue Water Project offers $100,000 to match donations to classroom projects on that teach students about water stewardship and clean water!
This funding is available to all public school teachers in RBC focus communities who post project ideas related to providing access to clean water and watershed protection.
Classroom project ideas include:
Engage students in cleaning up pollution in a local riverbed
Analyze pollution in local water sources
Learn how cities clean and reclaim water resources
Teach the value of learning about watersheds and the need to protect them
Set up an experiment to see how weather and water flow can create erosion
For even more ideas, see the RBC Blue Water Project teacher flyer!
To submit a project for funding:
Log in to your account (Don’t have one? They are free and easy to create at
Submit one or more project requests for tools that will help your students learn about water stewardship and/or clean water and make sure to mention this in your project request!


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