Own an automotive piece of Hollywood movie magic—all while supporting students on

Own the 1967 Pontiac Firebird seen in the 2003 blockbuster, The Matrix Reloaded. Next time you pull up at the light and get a few stares, it could be because you are driving the muscle car from the ultimate action movie trilogy, the Matrix. Available for auction at
The Firebird was donated to by the vehicle’s owner, Matrix trilogy co-writer and director Andy Wachowski. Wachowski who has previously supported, generously offered for vehicle auction proceeds to be directed towards classroom projects.
One lucky winner will drive around in style in this mint condition 1967 black Pontiac Firebird. “Niobe’s (Jada Pinkett Smith) muscle car was cast to contrast Morpheus’(Laurence Fishburne) boxy “suicide door” Lincoln and its principle scenes took place in our ode to My Dinner with Andre, the car chase scene. Originally there were three stunt cars used in the filming of Reloaded, two of which were totaled,” says Andy Wachowski. “This is a priceless opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history and provide much needed resources for classrooms on”
The auction is live now through June 21 at Managed by auction management firm, Auction Cause.


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