Hear from other teachers: Mr. B

“ has profoundly enhanced the education of my kindergarten and pre-k students, as well as my experience as a teacher. The fruits of more than a dozen projects over the years have included hundreds of books, a woodworking bench, blocks, an electric oven, a grow lamp, even a child-sized couch for dramatic play.
A recently funded project provided each of my pre-k students with an enlarged board-book edition of “Silly Sally,” a class favorite, to take home and keep. The feedback I’ve received has been intense: the children are reading it to parents, grandparents, and anyone else who’ll listen! This was precisely the goal, to promote family reading.
To be empowered to identify a classroom need or enrichment possibility, write a request, and see it come to fruition has been personally rewarding, as well as a key to the children’s success. On both counts, I can’t thank enough.”
– Mr. B


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