Give a Book Today, Change a Life Forever

“The look on the face of a kid that gets a new book… it’s just magical.” – Mr. Ohl, middle school teacher
Every student should experience the unmatched joy of getting lost in a great book. But in classroom libraries across America, the available books are no match for the voracious appetites of young readers.
On October 18th and 19th, every donation you make to book requests on will be matched. From Wonder to Charlotte’s Web and everything in between, teachers have requested the books that their students need most.
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What one donation means
To get a better handle on just how the gift of books can impact students in and out of the classroom, we we visited Mr. Ohl’s middle school classroom. In the video below, he and his students share just how important books have been to them.

Research shows that students with access to a classroom library spend 60% more time reading. And once they pick up the habit of reading, it can translate into learning outcomes in other subjects. “If the love of books is there,” says teacher Ms. Coward, “the rest will come.”
When you donate, you aren’t just giving bound copies of paper and ink. You’re letting these students know that someone out there believes they deserve a great education. And, like Mr. Ohl says, “that’s a powerful thing.” makes it easy for anyone to help a classroom. Since we were founded in 2000, citizen donors across the country have made sure over 380,000 public school teachers have access to the supplies they need.


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