close partners with BlackPlanet Rising

As we gear up for the back-to-school season has partnered with Interactive One, a leading digital connection network for African Americans. In partnership with its radio broadcasting division, Radio One, Inc. they have launched BlackPlanet Rising (, a central resource that provides tools, information and news for giving in the community. Interactive One seeks to activate African-Americans through their influential social networking site and to engage members who are interested in doing good by connecting them with opportunities that cater to their interests.
One of the key components of BlackPlanet Rising’s social mission is education and they have partnered with to address this goal. In an effort to ensure students are receiving the best education possible and developing the next generation of future leaders BlackPlanet Rising has created a giving page. They are calling on all members to support projects on by matching their pledge and help distribute $10,000 worth of materials and experiences to students across the country!
Check out BlackPlanet Rising projects that need your support today!


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