Comments Worth Reading: Our Users in Their Own Words

What seven conversations between people on our site taught us about simple acts of civility on the Internet.
Every gift to a classroom has its own story, even if it’s not immediately obvious, and we don’t always know the exact reason a generous donor has given to a classroom project. They might know the teacher intimately, as an acquaintance, a friend, a family member, a soul mate, or something else. They might have attended the same school when they were younger, choosing to give back to the place that empowered them with an education. They might just love children and believe that they will grow into American citizens who live smart, healthy, inspired adult lives. Or it could be something completely different.
Whatever the reason, we always want to know, and one of the simplest ways to tell us is by leaving a comment on projects to discuss it. At the vast majority of destinations for Internet writing of any kind, the prevailing wisdom is to not read the comments, because you will invariably be disappointed. Here it’s the opposite. Whatever their reason, every commenter literally has an invested stake in the success of these teachers and their students.
Below you’ll find a small sample: seven heartwarming recent conversations we’ve seen in the comment section, where teachers and donors exchanged the sort of kindness so rarely found on the Internet.
Read the comments below to experience a very unique slice of humanity, and please, if you give to a project, leave a note. It makes everyone’s day.
That time Ned got glitter-bombed.

That time Claudia, a sixth-grader, just wanted to help.

That time Jason gave the best birthday present ever. 

That time a wolf howled at a project after giving.

That time Vanessa was blessed with the power of the Force.

That time Mom chipped in.

That time the lemonade stand (and a tender memory) made all the difference.


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