A flash mob to support charities, including!

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Several weeks ago, I learned about a new philanthropic movement called A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place (in this case, the web), perform an unusual action for a brief time (in this case, supporting social causes), then quickly disperse. is a one-year project formed to help U.S. charities struggling to meet increased demand.
Membership at costs just $10. The objective is to get 1 million members. Once the flash mob reaches 100,000 members, flashmob4charity will begin making grants to charities in need. The focus is on organizations supporting hunger, homelessness, education, medical care, job training and placement, and general human services. will be the recipient of a portion of the education funding, which we are really excited about!
You can check it out at (see their blog post about their support for, and also follow them on Facebook, My Space, and Twitter.
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