5 Quotes From Teachers Who Change the World Every Day

Happy World Teachers’ Day! This is our favorite October holiday (sorry, Halloween), but we know this special occasion can get lost in the shuffle with all of the new social-media friendly holidays. When UNESCO established the date as October 5th back in 1994, we can’t imagine they anticipated it would eventually share a month with “National Kale Day,” “Name Your Car Day,” and “World Pasta Day.”
On their website, UNESCO suggests some ways to get involved: “Everyone can help by celebrating the profession, by generating awareness about teacher issues, by ensuring that teacher respect is part of the natural order of things.”
Keeping that in mind, we’re celebrating this year by sharing some teacher quotes from educators that show just how much teachers care about each and every one of their students. We’ve picked five, but we could easily have shared 1,000 of these. To everyone working in the classroom to make the world a better place: thank you!

“Students love to imagine, explore, build, and create. As a teacher, we create opportunities for them to bring their imaginations to life.” – Ms. Semana gives us a glimpse inside the mind of a kindergarten student. | Project: Craft Supplies

“All students are creative, and deserve the ability to let that creativity flourish in all its elemental beauty.” – Mr. Edwards shows us the power of music as an educational tool. | Project: Music for Manzanita!

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